Be Brilliant.

5Lights partners with exceptional entrepreneurs and innovators in growing businesses to manifest their secret.

5Lights works with our partners through sleeves-up, elbows to elbows and hands-on collaboration to create iconic companies.

It Takes 5 Lights to Make an Icon

Iconic companies do not just arrive on innovation, hard work or large cash infusions alone. We believe sustained, significant growth, value creation and profit depend on five factors — five lights — all vital, that together unlock a company’s greatest potential.

“Partner” for us, is a verb.


We believe in what’s possible. Inventing destiny. The satisfaction of a healthy pursuit. The gratification of a success that is well-pursued. We partner only with those that exhibit unwavering mettle, are dedicated to a culture of optimization and innovation, and are well-steeped in sound business processes, but unbound by them.

Not Angels. Not Sharks. Not Consultants. Partners.

Who Are We

We are a team of entrepreneurs, business warriors, clear thinkers, compassionate leaders, fierce loyalists, capital guardians and innovation veterans with the ability to catalyze profit like few others can.

We bring sharp minds, keen eyes, listening ears, fierce hearts and capable hands to every project. We’re passionate about entrepreneurs. Together, we hold the keys.

Our team extensions

  • Capital investors
  • Executives in residence
  • Data scientists
  • Domain experts
  • C-Suites
  • Talent development
  • Culture development
  • Incubators
  • 5Lights Capital

Portfolio and Affiliations

Our nimble team starts with our core group selecting the right engagements and assembling the right team of our resources for you.

The right partners for success in our collective process are management teams with these essentials:

  • We love them.
  • They know their business’ secret.
  • Their value proposition can create a paradigm shift.
  • Their leadership team is cohesive and shares a resonating purpose to ours, and a pervasive, propagating culture committed to continuous improvement.
  • Their customers are evangelists.