Liam Maddock

Liam Maddock

Liam is first and foremost a problem solver. As a marketing strategist, consultant, and executive he has spent more than two decades transforming companies and building predictable, scalable marketing machines.

Prior to joining 5Lights, Liam served as Marketing Strategist with the San Francisco based Uhuru Network digital marketing consultancy where he helped leading companies in the technology sector build, improve, amplify, and perfect their marketing, sales, and lead-generation machines. Prior to that he served as Director of Special Projects and Vice President of Marketing with TekCo LLC Consulting where he led the new business development and consulting division tasked with driving new products from conception through initial market launch.

Liam earned BA’s in History and Writing from the University of Arizona as well as an MBA from the University of Phoenix. He holds several technical, project management, and marketing certifications as well as three blackbelts in Danzan Ryu Jujitsu, Kajukenbo Kai, and Mantis Boxing KungFu.

Liam’s Lights:

  • Secret: Provide value with every interaction and always leave things better than you found them.
  • Market: With imagination and compassion you will always discover that your market is bigger than you thought.
  • Model: All companies make something. Good companies make something better. The best companies make lives better.
  • Resources: Efficiency is key to freeing up resources, but disruption is critical to discovering new resources.
  • Team: Make everyone around you look good.