How to be a Badass Sales Warrior

Badass sales warriors are like Navy SEALs Like Navy SEAL warriors – the greatest sales pros are highly trained, disciplined, thoroughly prepared, confident and focused on the mission, never quit and will never be outworked. Sales is not something you just do because you like to talk and hope to persuade people. Great sales people… Read More

36 Intriguing Delawareans • Charlie Horn

“Entrepreneurs are the creative class that makes the world a better place with new inventions, new concepts,” says lifelong entrepreneur Charlie Horn, 64, whose $3 million commitment to the University of Delaware led to creating its Horn Program in Entrepreneurship. ‘I was always interested in starting my own business, but in those days [he’s a… Read More

Sherry Hoskinson receives Hecker Award

The Lawrence M. Hecker Future of Possibility Award was created in honor of Larry Hecker. The award is to be presented each year to an individual or organization that is committed to building bright futures in the Tucson community, as Mr. Hecker has done for decades.  This year, Sherry Hoskinson is honored to receive the… Read More

Role of Academic Librarians in the Commercialization of University Intellectual Property, An Emerging Opportunity

A new partnership Sherry Hoskinson worked on at the University of Arizona has become a national model, won an award, is the basis is of a published paper, and now is being featured at a conference. The Business Intelligence Unit (BIU) of the University of Arizona Libraries holds a valuable role in the commercialization of university… Read More