36 Intriguing Delawareans • Charlie Horn

“Entrepreneurs are the creative class that makes the world a better place with new inventions, new concepts,” says lifelong entrepreneur Charlie Horn, 64, whose $3 million commitment to the University of Delaware led to creating its Horn Program in Entrepreneurship.

‘I was always interested in starting my own business, but in those days [he’s a UD 1975 graduate] universities were focused on preparing students to work for someone else, not for yourself.’ No longer. UD wants to expose every student to entrepreneurial thinking.”

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Sherry Hoskinson receives Hecker Award

The Lawrence M. Hecker Future of Possibility Award was created in honor of Larry Hecker. The award is to be presented each year to an individual or organization that is committed to building bright futures in the Tucson community, as Mr. Hecker has done for decades.  This year, Sherry Hoskinson is honored to receive the Hecker award.

“Sherry’s kindness, strategic thinking and personal mentorship has made a huge impact on future success of me and thousands of other former UA students and community colleagues.  Her legacy and impact on our community continues to be shaped by her endless leadership in founding IdeaFunding and her support for entrepreneurs through the McGuire Center, Tech Launch Arizona and 5Lights.”  – Justin Williams, McGuire Alumni and Founder, Startup Tucson

Role of Academic Librarians in the Commercialization of University Intellectual Property, An Emerging Opportunity

A new partnership Sherry Hoskinson worked on at the University of Arizona has become a national model, won an award, is the basis is of a published paper, and now is being featured at a conference.

The Business Intelligence Unit (BIU) of the University of Arizona Libraries holds a valuable role in the commercialization of university intellectual property. BIU librarians work closely with the University of Arizona commercialization unit called Tech Launch Arizona (TLA), providing literature research to support the transformation of scientific discoveries into commercially viable inventions and technology.  These technologies are then licensed by outside companies, spun off into start-ups, put forward for more development funding, and contribute to the fiscal outcomes of the University and State of Arizona.

Panel participants represent researchers and business development executives from Tech Launch Arizona, Arizona Center for Accelerated Biomedical Innovation (ACABI), the University of Arizona faculty and research scientists and University Librarian. Panel members will discuss the ways in which the Business Intelligence Unit provides market research, medical, scientific and patent literature in support of discovery and commercialization efforts. With cutbacks in higher education funding, particularly in state universities, academic libraries have an important role to play in supporting the revenue stream groups like Tech Launch Arizona bring to campus.

Tech Launch Arizona refers to BIU involvement as a “game changer” for the commercialization unit and campus.  Learn how we worked together with these units on over 200 innovative projects; contributing librarians’ knowledge in business intelligence, searching, marketing savvy and expansion of resources to become part of a high-priority, high-profile campus initiative.

PBMS Group Changes to 5Lights

We are proud to announce that effective immediately, The PBMS Group, an affiliate of Pro Private Equity, LLC has been renamed 5Lights, LLC. 5Lights represents the foundational principles we believe make an exceptional company and are composed of 12 key building blocks that working together allow companies to become iconic.

5Lights partners with the founders and management teams of companies who show exceptional promise. The 5Lights team has deep and broad expertise delivering a wide range of services designed to enhance the 5Lights of a company. Our partnerships vary in scope, but usually include more than one of the following: Wisdom – the counsel of the collective team to guide and advise the management team in a board-like relationship. Work- elbow to elbow, sleeves rolled up, work to execute on mission critical projects. Resources – access to vast network of domain experts, business partnerships, other connections, and as needed, capital.

Growing a young or emerging company is a daunting task that requires sharp execution, the right team and a great strategy. It is the goal of 5Lights to enhance all of these in its partner companies.