Roxandra Acosta

Roxandra is a mission-driven HR leader who brings 20+ years of experience in the HR field, to include talent acquisitions and talent management, employee relations, organizational development, process improvement, and culture management in the high-tech, health care and hospitality industries. Prior to joining Genius Avenue, Roxandra has helped local companies such as ScriptSave, and Simpleview build and implement scalable, complex HR strategies, practices, and initiatives as well as robust, fun, and rewarding work environments and become employers of choice in Tucson by winning numerous awards such as Best place to work, AZ most admired companies, and Inc 500. among others.

Roxandra’s Lights:

    • Secret: Leadership is not a job title. Leadership is a daily, intentional choice.
    • Market: Get to know your audience. Ask questions. Listen more. Talk less. Learn every day.
    • Model: “We don’t always succeed in what we try-certainly not by the world’s standards- but I think you’ll find the willingness to keep trying that matters most” (Fred Rodgers).
    • Resources: Employees working together, creating connections, developing relations, making memories- all of which propel the company forward.
    • Team: No one can do it alone!