Christian Espanol

Christian Espanol is the Graphic Designer for 5Lights, creating marketing collateral to promote and establish 5Lights’ products, services, and branding. He is an integral part of the 5Lights Marketing Team and the growth and mission of 5Lights’ affiliates.

Christian’s graphic design career started in 2002 and includes work as a civil servant for the United States Department of Defense at Air Forces bases in 4 countries, at the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park, and the high intensity, complex industry of mortgage and real estate. His portfolio includes many types of print and electronic material, campaign and logo development, user interface and experience, photo and video editing, sales and event support, and much more.

Christian’s Lights:

  • Secret: Don’t settle for par, take it as far as you can. Do the best that you can. Afterward, reflect and think about how it can be done better and apply those lessons to other tasks and for the next time.
  • Market: Providing the creative tools and resources to communicate more than what’s written.
  • Model: Dynamic adaptability to be able to change with trends and be ready for challenges in any form.
  • Resources: Adobe Creative Cloud, an open mind for new ideas, and trail maps to let my thoughts and ideas flow freely in my head develop on their own.
  • Team: Be open to new ideas, be honest with yourself and your team, contribute where you can, and take the opportunity to learn from the variety of experiences, knowledge, methods, and styles of every team member.