Chris Baker

Chris Baker

Chris is the Director of Technology and Innovation for 5Lights.  He is responsible for representing those disciplines across the 5Lights companies.  He provides strategic guidance for company leadership and creates effective leadership for technology roles—all related to existing and new strategies and opportunities.

Prior to joining 5Lights, Chris spent 20 years with IBM in both technical and program management roles.  His work there brought him in direct contact with a wide variety of technologies and solutions.  He built a series of world class support organizations delivering services to Fortune 500 companies and other international customers.  Building large, global teams across a variety of industries allows him a unique perspective on the critical success factors common to all organizations.

Chris is a 1998 graduate of the Eller School of Business at the University of Arizona.  He has certifications in a variety of technical solutions as well as Project Management Professional PMP®, IBM Senior Program Management and Agile Methodology. Chris is an active leader in local youth sports and sits on the YMCA Coaches Committee.  He was a finalist for the 2014 National Youth Coach of the Year award.

Chris’ Lights:

  • Secret: Pay attention and act with intention. Are you happening to the world or vice versa?
  • Market: Know your audience. Fundamentally understanding those in your market is the key to fulfilling their needs.
  • Model: Keep moving, the clock is always running. Perfect is the enemy of great.
  • Resources: Resources are potential energy. Gather voraciously and then direct kinetically at opportunities.
  • Team: High performing teams have a shared set of expectations. Leaders develop the vision and passionately share the expectation that meets the vision.